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To support advisory firms and professionals as they
embrace industry change and discover new ways to thrive.

Many of the practice management principles that have worked for you up until this point no longer apply. Advisors need to evolve their thinking as it relates to building a sustainable business and team.


  • Learn to generate revenue in new ways
  • Achieve greater levels of operational efficiency and scale
  • Build a multi-gen team that contributes to revenue
  • Manage the business in a way that is sustainable

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Practice management consulting is 15% concept, and 85% one’s ability to change his or her own behavior in response to new learning. Those destined to thrive understand that.

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Practice Management Consulting for a New Era

Industry change is a constant.
Transformation, growth and success can be too.

About the Founder

Penny Alexandra Phillips

CEO & Founder

Office: (718) 357-5147

Penny has worked with countless advisory teams and broker dealers on issues ranging from the integration of next generation talent to succession planning to communication and behavior management. She previously ran a national business-building workshop series for financial advisors. She has authored multiple practice management programs, and has been featured as a keynote speaker at conferences and events.

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