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Build a business strong enough to be indestructible and flexible enough to be irreplaceable.

Thrivos' mission is to support advisory firms and professionals as they embrace industry change and discover new ways to thrive.

Founded on the
following core

  • Sustainable business success is reliant upon the ability to evolve structurally, technologically, and behaviorally.
  • Those that can achieve the greatest levels of operational efficiency, scale, and institutionalization will outlive the competition.
  • Human capital must be valued across all generations and demographics; a business will not survive without cross-generational success.

“Practice management consulting is 15% concept, and 85% one’s ability to change his or her own behavior in response to new learning. Those destined to thrive understand that.

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Practice Management Consulting for a New Era

Industry change is a constant.
Transformation, growth and success can be too.

About the Founder

Penny Alexandra Phillips

CEO & Founder

Office: (718) 357 5147

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